What Is Adventure Travel

What Is Adventure Travel

How Do We Define Adventure Travel?

The Adventure Travel Trade Association defines adventure travel as “a tourist activity that includes physical activity, a cultural exchange, or activities in nature”.

Here at Bikehike adventures, we believe adventure tourism is designed to encourage individuals to step outside of their comfort zones and try new activities they might not have access to in their local areas. 

adventure traveler admiring the mayan ruins

Adventure travel is an exciting way to explore new and exotic places while staying active at a comfortable pace to really immerse yourself and connect with the destination on a physical level.

And most importantly, connect with like-minded travelers along the way.

Adventure travel is not a new concept (we’ve been involved since 1994), but it is growing in popularity. It overlaps with and incorporates other types of travel such as ecotourism, experiential travel, foodie travel, homestay, and more. 

Today, adventure tourism is a rapidly growing and evolving industry, with new experiences changing all the time. 

So, let’s explore everything you can expect from adventure travel.

Types Of Adventure Travel

There are hundreds of different reasons why people choose adventure travel. 

For some people, it's about seeing the activities; for others, it's about learning about new cultures; and for some, it's about the authentic experiences.

When most people think of an adventure trip, the first things that come to mind are activities like white water rafting and rock climbing.

The truth is, adventure travel is for everyone. 

group of kayakers taking a break by the lakeside

It takes many forms and incorporates multiple niche interests and markets, from active adventures like hiking and biking to cultural experiences like ecotourism, culinary travel and exploring historical sites. 

You can take it from us; no matter what your interests are, there’s an adventure experience that’s perfect for you. 

Here are just a few of the different types of adventure travel available:

Hard Adventure Tours

group trekking in the snow

We often get asked what the definition of hard adventure travel is. 

Well, the truth is that there is no exact definition, as it's all relative to each traveler's experience. 

For example, someone who has never camped before will consider staying in a comfortable hut with running water, food and electricity as 'hard adventure travel'. 

Contrast that to a seasoned adventurer, the same experience would be considered 'soft adventure travel'.

Adventurers looking for more than just the average trip with a taste of adrenaline and action are the type to enjoy hard adventures. These adventures are usually found off the beaten track, which can offer a more authentic experience. 

However, these types of adventures often entail a higher degree of risk.

Hard Adventure Activities

> Whitewater Rafting

> Kayaking

> Canyoneering

> Zip-Lining

> Mountain biking

Soft Adventure Tours

group of travelers hiking

Soft adventure tourism is one of the fastest-growing segments of the travel industry that allows tourists to experience activities that don't require much in the ways of physical fitness or training beforehand.

This type of tourism is perfect for those who want to explore and learn without roughing it.

There are a few reasons why soft adventure tourism is becoming more sought after.

For one, it is more sustainable than other forms of tourism. 

Soft adventure tourists are typically more interested in preserving the environment and cultures they visit.

Another reason soft adventure tourism is on the rise is that it is more accessible than other forms of tourism. 

With soft adventure tourism, travelers don't need to be in top physical condition to participate. 

Instead, soft adventure activities are designed to be enjoyed by people of all ages and fitness levels.

Soft Adventure Activities

> Backpacking

> Hiking

> Kayaking

> Ecotourism

> E-Biking

At Bikehike, we run regular soft adventure trips year-round to multiple locations worldwide. Feel free to see if there is something that suits your needs on our soft adventure trips page.

Experiential Travel

Experiential travel is more than just tourism - it's an opportunity to engage with a destination's culture actively, people, and environment to create unique, memorable, authentic local experiences.

experiential bike travel group meeting a group of locals in Morocco

Experiential travel offers travelers authentic hands-on experiences such as culinary tours, wildlife watching, market visits, and community-based tourism such as homestays and other introductions to the local way of life.

If you're interested in culture, people, or the environment, an experiential travel adventure might be just for you!

Experiential Travel Activities

> Culinary Tours

> Homestays

> Heritage Tours

> Market Visits

> Community-Based Tourism

Types Of Adventure Travel Activities

Now that you know the 3 main types of adventure travel, you can see the list of possibilities is endless. 

Here’s a quick rundown of the most popular types of adventure travel activities you will be likely to experience on one of these trips:


biking couple stopping to admire the lakeside views

When you bike through your destination, you get a closer experience to the land and its people than you would if you were to travel in any other way.

And because bikes can go just about anywhere, you can access even the most remote corners of the world by pedal power alone.

If you're looking for a new way to explore your favorite city or hoping to find some hidden gems off the beaten path, biking is our favourite option to pack the most into a trip.

Plus, since you control the pace, you can stop for a coffee, lunch, to explore the markets, or just take the time to admire the views. 

And these days e-bikes have changed the way we can approach biking tours. 

E-bikes have leveled the playing field, and we can travel even longer distances and take on the most demanding destinations with relative ease.

traveler using an ebike

At BikeHike adventures, we offer bike tours in 30+ destinations worldwide.

Our organized bike tours are led by experts in each destination who know the most scenic biking routes - far from large crowds to immerse you in the culture & beauty of the region you've come to visit.

Here are some of our favourite biking locations and recommended trips.

Best Biking Locations:

> Colombia - Colombians truly love their bicycles. Cycling is not only a practical mode of transport, but it is also a way of life in many parts. A cycling trip is the ultimate active cultural adventure to explore these stunning destinations in all their beauty.

> Ireland - The Wild Atlantic Way is fast becoming one of Europe's most popular biking routes for the biking trip of a lifetime across the spectacular Irish west coast, from Cork to Kerry.

> Croatia - Croatia is an ideal location for cycling enthusiasts with its varied landscapes, mild climate perfect for cycling, and picturesque scenery almost everywhere you go. You can explore the country's river valleys, hills and mountains or enjoy a leisurely ride along the Mediterranean coast.

Recommended Trips:

> Colombia - Cycling The Coffee Region & Beyond. On this cycling adventure through Colombia's coffee region, you can experience Colombia's dramatic landscapes while becoming immersed in the region's agricultural scene.

> Ireland - Cycling The Wild Atlantic Way. This route is fast becoming one of Europe's most popular biking routes for the biking trip of a lifetime across the spectacular Irish west coast, from Cork to Kerry.

>  Croatia - Croatia To Montenegro By E-Bike. What better way to tackle the mountainous terrain than by e-bike? Discover Croatia and Montenegro’s cultural and natural charms, spending your days actively exploring the area, all the while immersing yourself in these culturally rich destinations.


group of hikers admiring the mountain view

Hiking is probably the most enriching form of outdoor adventure travel. 

You get to spend time in nature, enjoy the smell of the air, and feel the power of being out in the wild.

With the right equipment and planning, hiking can provide a fantastic array of experiences and get into some amazing places you normally wouldn't be able to.

There are so many different hiking trails out there, each with its own unique scenery and challenges.

group of travelers hiking up a mountainside

At Bikehike, we offer hiking tours in some of the world's most exciting destinations & with a bit of preparation and planning, you can turn your hiking dreams into reality.

Check out some of our most famous hiking trips & hiking trails below.

Best Hiking Locations:

> Peru - Despite being one of the most remote places on earth, Peru is an incredible adventure destination. The diversity of the landscapes is striking, from the Altiplano to the Amazon, and features some of the most spectacular scenery on earth.

> Portugal - Portugal is a country overflowing with rich culture and romanticism. From the cobbled streets and old-world architecture to the wild and beautiful coastline, there are sweeping vistas, towns, and villages full of character, color, and delicious food that will stay with you long after you leave.

> Patagonia - Patagonia adventure and hiking tours provide explorers with an opportunity not only to see but immerse themselves in the stunning beauty of South America. The vast landscape includes the southern edge of the Andes, sapphire-blue glaciers, turquoise lakes, grasslands, snow-capped volcanoes, broad river valleys and much more.

Recommended Trips:

> Peru - Hike The Lares Trail. For those who prefer to be away from the crowds, we recommend the trek along the Lares Trail. This tour takes you through beautiful scenery, starting from the ancient Inca capital of Cuzco, and into small highland communities that have remained relatively untouched over the centuries. You'll get to experience traditional culture and see some of the most breathtaking views Peru has to offer.

> Portugal - Hiking Portugals Wine Region. Hiking through the region, you’ll witness its terraced vineyards and rolling hills with time to visit some small, traditional villages. Of course, opportunities will abound to taste the delicious wines.

> Patagonia - Hiking The W Route. A hiking trip to one of the world’s last great refuges of wild nature. A 7-day adventure where you are dwarfed at every turn by the power of nature, forgotten by time and unspoiled by human progress.


adventure traveler climbing a rock face

For those with a sense of adventure and the right disposition, adventure climbing provides challenges other activities lack. 

It gives you a new perspective on the world - from exploration, the excitement of the unknown, a taste of true freedom, and some amazing views!

However, you don’t need to be an experienced climber, there are plenty of climbing destinations to suit your skill set, from technical big wall climbs to multi-pitch trad routes.

For those who love a challenge, combine your climbing adventure with a hike along the way for an all-encompassing adventure trip.

Best Climbing Locations:

> Machu Picchu - The ancient ruins of Machu Picchu are perched atop a mountain ridge that overlooks the magnificent Urubamba River below - making it the perfect destination for any adventure seeker looking to explore one of the most beautiful and well-preserved human settlements.

Recommended Climbing Trips:

> Machu Picchu - Machu Picchu Multi-Sport Adventure. A challenging multi-day adventure tour combining hiking, trekking, horseback riding, rafting, and rock climbing.


kayaking in the sea

Kayaking is a great way to experience the beauty and tranquility of the great outdoors. 

It's also a fun and relaxing way to get around and explore new destinations, and it's a great way to travel long distances and explore far-flung places. 

The great thing about kayaking is that it's a low-impact way to enjoy nature, and it can be done by anyone, regardless of skill level.

If you are interested in kayaking but not sure where to start, be sure to check out our kayaking for beginners guide

Here are some of our best kayaking destinations for those looking to incorporate kayaking into their adventures.

Best Kayaking Locations:

> Croatia - You can encounter the many different landscapes, including the turquoise waters of the Dalmatian Coast, charming fishing villages and, uncover exquisite hidden islands and experience the stunning scenery up close from places no other traveler has been, paddling through the extensive network of lagoons, creeks and canals.

Recommended Trips:

> Croatia - Paddles & Pedals - Kayaking the Pacific Coast with the chance of seeing dolphins. Kayak underneath the stunning medieval walls of Dubrovnik. 

Don’t just admire the panoramic views of the Dalmatian coast, but get yourself up close and personal with the hidden islets, beaches, and blue water as far as the eyes can see and arms can paddle.

River Rafting

group river rafting

River rafting is an adventure like no other. You can test your limits, push your boundaries, and see some of the most beautiful scenery that nature has to offer – all while riding the waves.

River rafting is often seen as the perfect combination of anticipation, natural beauty, and fun.

Rafting down a river gives you a new perspective of nature – admiring the river's power, the beauty of the forest, and the grandeur of the world's most incredible canyons.

There's nothing quite like the thrill of hurtling down a river, bouncing over the rapids, and getting soaked from head to toe, all whilst having an absolute blast at every moment.

Whether you're an experienced rafter or a first-time paddler, white water rafting is an exciting way to enjoy the great outdoors. There are many different types of white water rafting, from calm floats down easy rivers to adrenaline-pumping rides through rough whitewater.

Here are some destinations with our favourite rafting spots.

Best Rafting Locations:

> Costa Rica - Costa Rica is where it all started for us at BikeHike. Costa Rica is an adventurer's paradise. Travel through rainforests and along coasts and rivers, uncovering natural untouched wonders while sating your thirst for adventure on the white water rapids.

Recommended Trips:

> Costa Rica - Ultimate Adventure Medley - We begin our Costa Rica adventure trip with a 2-day whitewater rafting experience on the Pacuare River. However, we don’t just stop at rafting, we encompass all aspects of adventure travel for this one.

This is one we can’t recommend enough and keep coming back to again and again.


canyoning down into a water rapid

Some adventure travelers enjoy hiking, others like watersports, while others just love the adrenaline of climbing. 

What if there was something that incorporated all of these and more!

Canyoneering is an adventure experience like no other. 

Imagine rappelling down waterfalls, sliding down natural waterslides, climbing across canyons, and swimming in pristine mountain pools. 

It’s an adrenaline-pumping activity that will leave you wanting more. Canyoneering trips can vary in difficulty, incorporating easy day hikes and smaller gorges to multi-day expeditions while rappelling down hundreds of feet.

Before heading out on your canyoneering adventure, you need to ensure you’re prepared. This means having the right gear, being in good physical shape, and knowing your limits. 

Once you’re ready to go, the only thing left to do is choose your canyon!

Best Canyoneering Locations:

> Zion National Park Utah - Zion National Park is a renowned natural wonderland situated in Southwestern Utah - and Zion canyon is one of the most sublime spots in the States for canyoneering.

This gargantuan canyon spans a whopping 229 square miles, meaning countless guided canyoneering adventures are on offer to suit canyoneers of all ages and abilities.

> Tara Canyon Montenegro - At 51 miles long and 4,300 feet deep in some places, the Tara River Canyon in Durmitor National Park is an impressive natural wonder. The canyon is a beautiful place to explore, with amazing views of its stunning cliffs, crystal-clear waters, and lush vegetation.


group of travelers backpacking through mountains

Backpacking is one of the essential travel skills to have and experience at least once.

Backpacking is a great way to explore different cultures and travel to unique places that other travelers might not have access to. It's also a very cheap and flexible way to travel, especially if you want to spend a few weeks taking in many destinations. 

You can also take it on as a solo traveler while also meeting plenty of like-minded people and new friends along the way.

A backpacking adventure can be a great experience if you plan and prepare correctly. By researching ahead of time and knowing what to expect, you can make your trip much more comfortable and enjoyable.

Or, you can let us plan ahead for you or join one of our group trips to learn the lay of the land of your first backpacking adventure.

First, decide what kind of trip you're looking for. Are you interested in staying in hostels and budget hotels, or are you looking for a more immersive experience, such as camping or homestays?

You can get plenty of inspiration from our favourite backpacking destinations below.

Best Backpacking Locations:

> Chile - A backpacking adventure tour through Chile is an opportunity to explore some of the most beautiful and varied landscapes on Earth, from towering Andean peaks to deep canyons. Highlights include sapphire-blue glaciers, turquoise lakes, sandy beaches, snow-capped volcanoes, broad river valleys and steep headlands. This magnificent country is truly a wonderland waiting to be discovered.

> Patagonia - Patagonia adventure and hiking tours are an opportunity to explore South America and immerse yourself in its stunning beauty.

Recommended Trips:

> Chile - Backpacking Torres Del Paine Circuit - On this 9-day backpacking trek, you will experience raw, unspoiled beauty and nature. While refuelling at camps near the big eco-camp or at mountain huts at night.

> Patagonia - On The Trail Of Patagonia - Backpack through Los Glaciares National Park, then hike to the Mount Torre viewpoint with views of glaciers, the Adela range, and Mount Torre. Visit Perito Moreno Glacier, hiking alongside majestic mountains and through pine forests to the famed Mount Fitz Roy.

Experiential Travel

meeting the local villagers in Morocco

Have you ever dreamed of traveling to a far-off land and immersing yourself in the local culture? Experiential adventure travel is the perfect way to do just that!

Experiential adventure travel can offer an incredible opportunity for personal growth. 

By immersing yourself in new environments and activities, you can gain a richer understanding of the world and a greater appreciation for other cultures.

Whether you’re interested in exploring new cuisines, learning about different customs, or getting up close and personal with nature, experiential adventure travel has something for everyone. 

And, best of all, you’ll come away with memories that will last a lifetime!

Best Experiential Travel Locations:

> Macedonia - At the crossroads between the East and West, Christianity and Islam, this Balkan nation has long been a melting pot of civilizations. Some call it the "Pearl of the Balkans" due to its geographic location, historical heritage, and the diversity of its culture.

> Morocco - Culturally explosive, geographically diverse, and historically influential, it’s not hard to see why Morocco is one of Africa's most popular experiential adventure destinations.

Recommended Trips:

> Macedonia - Multisport Through The Balkans - Multi-sport through the Balkans Adventure Tour offers an itinerary filled with cultural encounters, active pursuits and the farm to table culinary influences of the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

> Morocco - Safari With The Nomads - During this weeklong trek, you'll witness a way of life unequivocally different from our own - one that has been handed down through centuries of Ait Atta civilization.


homestay travelers

Accommodation is an essential facet of any vacation. Not just because it’s your place of rest but also because it’s a pivotal gateway into your surroundings. 

One method of maximizing your exposure to the culture of your destination is to opt for a homestay.

Homestays are the best way to truly experience a new place because you’re sharing the space with the locals. You’re also getting a chance to meet new people, learn about their culture, and have a deeper understanding of the place you’re visiting.

With homestay travel, you have the opportunity to stay with a local family in their home, giving you a unique glimpse into their culture and way of life. 

Not only will you get to experience authentic home cooking and learn about local customs, but you'll also form lasting bonds with your hosts.

It can be an adventure and a learning experience all at the same time.

If you're looking for a unique and authentic travel experience, check out our favourite destinations and trips.

Best Homestay Locations:

> Peru - Experience the way of life on one of the most remote places on earth and be welcomed with open arms by the local families of Cuzco city.

> Vietnam - Vietnam is the perfect place for an authentic Asian experience, rich with age-old culture. Immerse yourself in the local way of life by having a homestay experience in indigenous villages, and learn some incredible cooking recipes from each village along the way.

Recommended Trips:

> Peru - Cuzco to Lake Titicaca -  A trip for the traveler that craves meaningful interactions with the local people and dreams of visiting the iconic archeological sites and towns of Peru.

> Vietnam - Northern Vietnam Adventure Tour - An 11 day adventure trip taking in a multitude of activities that includes visiting remote villages, learning all about hill tribe culture, and a homestay experience in Lao Cai - Nam Cang.

Heritage Tours

mayan ruins

Heritage adventure tours are perfect for those who want to explore and learn about the history and culture of a new place. 

Heritage adventure tours are the perfect way to explore the history and culture of a region. These tours typically include visits to important heritage sites and opportunities to participate in traditional activities.

Heritage includes exploring cultural adventures from the past and how they still affect today's lifestyles, people, and culture. It is exciting to explore how people, places, history, and culture are all interconnected, and heritage encompasses all of that and more.

Many UNESCO World Heritage sites are natural phenomena like mountains, volcanoes, and marine features, as well as parks and reserves preserved by human intervention.

From exploring the ancient ruins of Rome to the Inca Trail in Peru, you can combine a heritage tour with a dab of adventure by choosing to bike and hike the routes and destinations.

Heritage tours can also be combined as part of a homestay trip to form a wholly authentic and unforgettable experience.

Here are some of our favourite heritage tours if you want to learn about the past while also getting a taste of the present.

Best Heritage Tour Locations:

> Belize - Belize adventure tours showcase a rich natural wonderland that was once the heart of the Maya Civilization. Belize is home to the largest undisturbed area of rainforest in all of Central America, and over 600 Mayan ruins, many of which are only now being excavated.

> Romania - Romania is a country that has been relatively untouched by mass tourism, but travelers are starting to explore its potential as an amazing adventure experience. By biking, hiking, and horseback riding between local communities, you can immerse yourself in old-world Eastern European culture.

Recommended Heritage Trips:

> Belize - Belize Blast - An adventure vacation mixing all things adventure with a visit up close to the ancient Maya ruins.

> Romania - Transylvania Traverse - On the Transylvania Traverse Hike, you will experience ethnic diversity from Romanians, Hungarians and Saxons to Gypsies, Ukrainians and Poles, and learn about their traditions and beliefs.


group trekking

Trekking is an excellent way to explore areas that are off the beaten path, from trekking through stunning scenery to camping under the stars.

Trekking is a great way to see some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, and it can be a very exhilarating experience. 

If you are looking for a physical challenge, plenty of tours will take you through rugged terrain and steep inclines. 

For those who want a more relaxed experience, plenty of trekking tours offer gentle walks and stunning views.

Whether you want a short-term group hike or a long-term solo adventure, trekking will let you have days filled with nature and nights in small villages to fully immerse yourself in the local culture by speaking with locals, trying new foods, and more.

And be sure to check out our post if you’re a little confused by the difference between hiking and trekking

Best Trekking Locations:

> Patagonia -  Patagonia adventure and hiking tours are an opportunity to explore South America and immerse yourself in its stunning beauty. The W Route through Chile's Patagonia is one of the region's most well-known treks. 

> Albania - Albania is an excellent destination for those who love the great outdoors. The perfect destination for those who crave an adventure that is off the beaten path and less visited by tourists

Recommended Trekking Trips:

> Patagonia - Trekking Torres Del Paine - This Patagonia adventure, hiking through famous Torres del Paine National Park along the Paine Circuit, is an unmatched Patagonia trekking adventure.

> Albania - Peaks Of The Balkans - Immerse yourself in Balkan life as you traverse three prime alpine Albanian valleys, as well as one in Montenegro.

Foodie & Culinary Tours

foodie adventure travel by a lake

Foodie” is a term that’s used to describe people who love to eat and drink, and there are plenty of reasons why you might be interested in visiting a food tour.

There’s nothing better than exploring a new country and discovering its hidden gems, meeting locals, and sampling the “real” local cuisine by going where the locals go and eating what the locals eat.

These tours take you to the best restaurants, cafes, off-the-beaten-path food markets, and street food vendors. You'll get to try local specialties and learn about the history and culture of the area through its food. 

You can even meet the chefs, farmers, and producers of the food you’ll be eating and see exactly where it’s sourced.

We think the difference between a tourist and a traveler is how they experience a different culture. And the best way to take in a destination's culture is to travel like a local.

A guided food tour is a fantastic way to get an intimate look at local cuisine and culture. Your guide will show you around to historic locations, sharing stories about the history of the cuisine and the villages themselves. It's kind of like being shown around by an old friend who knows all the best spots.

While, of course, a guided tour is a great option, sometimes the best way to experience a place is to explore it on your own. With an open mind, you're sure to stumble upon some amazing food experiences that you'll never forget.

So hike the local trails, bike the beaten paths, and experience the local cuisine. Do as the locals do, and you'll get a much richer experience of the place you're visiting.

If you are looking to travel to get a taste of the local flavor here are our favourite destinations to arrive hungry.

Best Foodie Tour Locations:

> Croatia - Croatia was once a hidden gem of European travel that has grown rapidly in popularity as a must-see destination over recent years. Amongst the beauty of it all, visitors always have one particular highlight of a Croatian trip. The food!

> Ireland - If you love cycling and want to combine it with a foodie tour, we can’t recommend Ireland enough. Known more for its rolling green hills and picturesque landscape, the food is an unmissable bonus.

Recommended Trips:

> Croatia - Dalmatian Coast Multisport Adventure - For 9 days, you'll have the opportunity to explore the cultural and natural charms of Croatia and Montenegro. You'll be spending your days actively, exploring the area and immersing yourself in the local culture. Enjoying homemade meals and spending your nights in character-rich, family-run guesthouses.

> Ireland - The Wild Atlantic Way - Work up a hunger with a bike tour from the northern tip of the Dingle Peninsula in County Kerry to the shores of historic Bantry Bay in Irelands foodie capital County Cork along the famed Wild Atlantic Way.

Cultural and Historical Travel

panorama of a heritage village

Historical travel is a type of travel that focuses on the history of a specific place or region that can include visiting historical sites, museums, and other places of interest.

A historical travel is a journey to a place where historical events occurred. This can include visits to ancient ruins, castles, battlefields, and other sites of historical significance. 

It is a way to connect with the past and learn more about the world we live in and can be a very enriching and enlightening experience.

This type of adventure travel can be an educational experience, as it allows visitors to learn about the people, places, and events that shaped the world, and can be combined with biking and hiking to make it a multi-day journey.

Best Cultural & Historical Tour Locations:

> Macedonia - Macedonia is a nation brimming with storybook folklore and landscapes, is one of Europe’s last undiscovered gems and an underrated adventure tour destination.

Recommended Trips:

> Macedonia - Multisport Through The Balkans - If you're looking for an adventure, look no further than this medieval-themed trip! Visit old monasteries, bazaars, and fortresses. Kayak on beautiful waters; bike around Ohrid Lake into Albania; and hike through Mavrovo National Park, a UNESCO heritage site. In the evening, relax with a delicious traditional meal, often with local wines and artisan cheeses.

Is Adventure Travel The Same As Active Travel?

We would say there is definitely a different between “adventure” and “active” travel. Adventure does incorporate a lot more activity, exploration, and some degree of flexibility and expecting the unknown. 

Active travel incorporates staying physically active by hiking, biking, and generally soaking up the destination at your own pace and muscle power.

Who Is Adventure Travel For

group of travelers with celebrating on the beach with "I made it" written in the sand

So, who is adventure travel for? Really, adventure travel is for anyone who is looking for something more than ordinary.

Adventure travel is for people who want to explore new cultures and environments, and it can be for travelers who are willing to step outside their comfort zones. 

Adventure travel can be physical or mental, and it can be solo or group travel

Adventure travel can be multi-generational; it can be a family vacation, and it can be a way to share your favourite memories with your kids and grandkids.

Some adventure tourists seek out travel to push themselves to their limits, while others simply want to immerse themselves in new cultures and experiences.

An adventure can be authentic; it can be cultural, it can be thrill-seeking and adrenaline-pumping.

Why Has Adventure Tourism Grown In Popularity?

Adventure tourism has become increasingly popular in recent years for a number of reasons. 

First, as the world has become more connected, people are more aware of the many different types of adventure activities that are available around the world. 

Second, as the world has become more affluent, people have more disposable income to spend on travel and adventure activities. 

Third, as the world has become more crowded and our lives feel constantly busy, people have been seeking out ways to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and find some peace and quiet in nature. 

Finally, as the world has become more environmentally conscious, people have been looking for ways to enjoy the outdoors without damaging the environment.

Adventure tourism offers all of this and more. And for many people, it is the perfect way to combine their love of travel with their love of adventure. It can also be a great way to support local economies and communities while enjoying the beauty of the natural world.

cycling through a town path

When you rely on your own muscle power to get around, you'll notice that you feel more connected to your surroundings. And This allows you to explore landscapes and communities more deeply than if you were sitting on a bus or stuck in traffic in your car. 

Adventure travel lets you see more places, meet more people, and create more lasting memories.

What’s more, adventure tourism can be tailored to any fitness level or age group. 

So, whether you’re looking for a heart-pumping trek through the wilderness or a leisurely bike ride through scenic countryside, there’s an adventure tourism activity for you.

Choose Your Adventure