Family Adventure Travel Planning

Family Adventure Travel Planning

If you are seeking a memorable family trip, consider planning an adventure vacation!  A great trip doesn't have to be a one-size-fits-all proposition. A tailor-made family holiday will give you a one-of-a-kind experience and a lifetime of memories. Remember, any of our pre-made itineraries found in the green search bar above can be customized specifically to your family.



Quality Family Time
Adventure travel takes you to new places and the shared experience of it all brings you closer together as a family. When removed from your everyday setting, you'll learn more about each other and see your family members from a renewed perspective. 
Natural Thrills
Rafting on rapids, hiking among ancient ruins, biking next to a volcano... All of these activities are so much more exciting and natural than being at a theme park or on a cruise! Whether you are new to adventure travel or have done many trips before, adventure travel is exciting by nature. And who better to share this natural excitement with than your beloved family? 
Learning Experiences
The world becomes your classroom on an adventure trip. Whether you are young or old, there is always something to be learned from experiencing another culture, meeting new people and seeing life from a renewed perspective.
Encouraging Health & Wellness
Active vacations encourage the whole family to embrace an active lifestyle. Together, whatever your ages, you can discover the joys of hiking, biking, kayaking and more while on vacation, and maybe take some of this inspiration home with you too! 
Amazing Memories
A family vacation is meant to be memorable, above all else. By planning something beyond the standard family trip, and actively exploring somewhere new together, you'll create and share memories that will last a lifetime. This will not be a family trip memory that gets lost, melting into every other family trip memory. We have clients who still email us about the amazing family trips they planned with is 20 years ago! 
How to Personalize your Family Trip
The most common way to customize a family adventure trip is to choose an existing BikeHike itinerary and personalize it to best suit your family.

Personalizing options include:
Multi-sport activities
Accommodation style
Difficulty level


Why choose BikeHike for your family adventure vacation?

BikeHike Adventures has over 22 years experience providing custom trips, including many fantastic family trips. Your family can collaborate with BikeHike travel specialists every step of the way to build your perfect tailor-made, family holiday.

BikeHike Adventures has repeatedly been recognized as one of the best travel companies in the world by National Geographic Adventure.

What do you recommended for top family travel destinations?

Virtually any of our trips can be entirely customized to your family's travel interests. However, some of our destinations that are very popular with families planning custom vacations include Costa Rica, Galapagos and Vietnam. Be sure to browse our full list of destinations though. 

Costa Rica is our most popular family destination in Central America. It is a fairly safe country compared to some of its Central American counterparts, and it is quite westernized. Costa Rica offers a wealth of outdoor activities to explore with the family, including zip-lining in the Monteverde Cloud Forest, rafting the Arenal River and hiking in Manuel Antonio National Park.

A trip to the Galapagos is a great water-focused destination, and a very popular active family vacation alternative to a simple family beach vacation in Hawaii or Mexico. During a trip to the Galapagos, your family can kayak alongside giant sea turtles, seals and dolphins. You'll have the opportunity to hike past giant tortoises foraging for food, and go on an exotic bird watching hike. All the while, you'll have the chance to learn a great deal about nature while being exposed to the Galapagos archipelagos' unparalleled level of biodiversity. You can even add a somewhat formal educational element to the trip, visiting the Charles Darwin Research Centre in Santa Cruz. Your entire family will surely return home from the Galapagos with a greater appreciation for the world's natural wonders and diversity. 

Vietnam is the perfect Asian destination to reconnect as a family and escape from hectic everyday life. You'll have the opportunity to include such activities as hiking through remote villages, past terraced rice paddies. You'll be able to meet locals, learning about their local hill-tribe culture while witnessing their slower pace of life. You'll have a chance to kayak in UNESCO recognized Halong Bay and by stunning fishing villages. After a trip to Vietnam, your family will better appreciate life before wifi and gadgets! 

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Please fill out our Custom Trip Planner to provide us with details about your ideal adventure vacation.