Commitment to Responsible Travel

Commitment to Responsible Travel

Since day one, BikeHike has operated according to the tenants of responsible & sustainable travel. All of BikeHike’s operations are centered on active sustainable business practices and sustainable tours. This commitment to sustainability extends to environmental, social, and cultural platforms.



On Our Tours:

• A standing 'leave-no-trace' policy for both guides and clients
• Automotive transportation proportional to the tour group size to reduce emissions
• Dining in restaurants exclusively using locally grown produce
• The use of large jugs of water to prevent needless waste from standard-portion water bottles
• Actively communicating our values of sustainable tourism to our travellers and local operators
• Reducing emissions by promoting a self-propelled form of active travel

In The Office:
• Ambitious office-wide recycling program
• Staff members regularly walk or bike to work each day
• Printing on recycled paper
• Constant waste reduction and pollution prevention
• Power down all electronics whenever possible


BikeHike places a large emphasis on cultural preservation and economic sustainability. We contribute to the conservation of local welfare and cultural heritage of the areas we visit. Here are some specifics:

• Working exclusively with socially responsible suppliers who care about the impact of our operations
• Operating sensitive adventures that view local communities as our partners
• Supporting local economies by employing local guides and using local restaurants and accommodations
• Paying all employees around the world fair wages (including guides, porters, drivers and help staff)
• Providing volunteer opportunities for active travellers
• Financial contributions to 'The Bicycles Crossing Borders' program in Cuba
• Providing school supplies to a remote village in Patachanca, Peru


Each year we look for different projects to support worldwide. These projects are often centered on disaster relief or the promotion of social and cultural awareness. Examples include:

• Africa - Horn of Africa drought
• Haiti - Earthquake
• Thailand - Indian Ocean Tsunami
• Nicaraguan - Building New Hope
• Vietnam - Typhoon Hagupit relief
• India - Manjari Sankurathri Memorial Foundation

There are so many amazing experiences to be had by exploring our planet and meeting other cultures. Sustainable travel today assists a brighter future for tomorrow.