Blog Updates & Stories

Blog Updates & Stories

Farm To Table Travel Experiences To Fuel Your Inner Foodie

Farm-to-table, also known as the "Slow Food" movement, is a travel trend that has started to pick up a lot of interest in recent years.

Our Top 5 Canyoneering Destinations

Canyoneering, the popular outdoor activity that combines hiking, rappelling, swimming, and sometimes even diving through canyons, is an incredibly popular activity with adventure travelers. 

How Much Should Adventure Travel Tours Cost?

Like most products and services, you can spend as much or as little as you want on your adventure vacation – from uber-swanky 5-star experiences to ultra-budget tours on a shoestring. The real question is, what is it that you want and how far can/should you stretch your dollar to get it.

Visiting Machu Picchu In 2023: Rules, Regulations & 5 New Circuits

Machu Picchu remains an incredible place to visit and has always been one of our “you have to see it to believe it trips”; it offers such a unique glimpse into the history and culture of the Inca civilization.

How The Electric Bike Is Changing Travel: Is An E-bike Worth It?

How The Electric Bike Is Changing Travel - Updated For 2023. The electric bike revolution is here, and it’s changing the way we travel. 

A Comprehensive Guide To Choosing And Fitting The Right Backpack

Have you ever found yourself on a backpacking trip and within one hour of leaving the trailhead you are already cursing the heavy load on your back?  One of the most likely reasons for this discomfort, besides packing way too much, is that your backpack is not fitted properly for your size. 

Ultimate Guide To Canyoneering

Canyoneering is a unique, adrenaline-filled adventure sport that combines the best of hiking, climbing, rappelling, caving, and swimming. 

8 Reasons To Add Panama To Your Adventure Travel Bucket List

Panama is a hidden eco-gem of Central America and a truly amazing destination that's often overlooked by travelers. Here are my favorite reasons to visit Panama and why it's an incredible bucket list adventure destination.

10 Reasons To Add North Macedonia To Your Travel Bucket List

Is Macedonia Worth Visiting? This hidden gem of the Balkans is a destination well worth visiting. North Macedonia has something special to offer everyone, from adventure travelers looking for outdoor adventure and cultural exploration to those looking to soak up the region's rich history and culture. 

10 Reasons To Add Nicaragua To Your Travel Bucket List

The world has a way of constantly captivating us and making us want to explore as many of its beautiful corners as possible. And Nicaragua is one of those captivating destinations we fell in love with here at BikeHike many years ago. Nicaragua isn't just another country on your list; it's an adventure waiting to be explored!