BikeHike Adventure Travel FAQs

BikeHike Adventure Travel FAQs

Here are some of the general questions we get asked. However, we have listed questions specific to each trip directly on every tour's page. So, be sure to click the FAQ tab on any trip of interest to learn more. 



How long has BikeHike Adventures been in business?

BikeHike Adventures has been operating since 1994. We started over 29 years ago by offering active trips to Costa Rica, before it gained its worldwide popularity. We then extended our operation into most of South and Central America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Today we operate in nearly 30 destinations worldwide.

Why should I travel with BikeHike Adventures?

We are passionate adventure travellers ourselves. We've spent our lives traveling the world in search of the ultimate outdoor adventure travel experiences. Now we'd like to show you what we've discovered. You'll gain skills in biking, hiking, and water sports. You'll challenge your mind, body and spirit. You'll experience the local cuisine, the wines and spirits and you'll get an insiders perspective to the lives of the local people. 

How large are BikeHike Adventure's groups?

Our adventures are built for small groups, with a maximum of 12 travellers on each guided tour. Each group is diverse, comprised of men and women of many different nationalities and ages. By travelling in small groups we leave minimal ecological impact, cause little disruption to the native life and are able to gain a better appreciation for our surroundings. Small numbers also allow greater flexibility and spontaneity: a dinner in a local home, an impromptu visit to a village wedding or a visit to a rural school can be among the most memorable experiences of your journey.

Who are BikeHike's typical travellers?

Our travellers share a common love for outdoor adventure. They are typically active, but come from a variety of fitness levels. Most are looking for a physical and cultural experience in an unfamiliar destination. Each group is diverse, comprised of men and women of different ages and nationalities. Ages range from 20-60, although we occasionally get younger and older travellers as well. Although there are a few die-hard triathletes and marathon runners, most of our clients are regular mortals in good physical condition, who exercise regularly and are invigorated by a personal challenge. Some of the activities may be entirely new to you, but a keen spirit of adventure and an open mind will ensure you gain the skills you need.

Have BikeHike's trips been run before?

The logistics of organizing tours to remote corners of the world can be very complex. Our trip development department spends long hours researching destinations, routes, ground operations and equipment. All itineraries are screened without clients before they are added to our growing repertoire of adventures. Nothing is untested. This ensures our travellers' safety and maximum enjoyment during our guided tours.

Does BikeHike require travel insurance from its travellers?

Travel insurance is mandatory on all of our adventures, including both cancellation insurance and medical coverage. If you are not covered through your own plan, contact our office and one of our operations staff will help you choose the right plan for your guided tour.

Do you have references?

Time and time again, our travellers arrive home enthralled with their adventures. They tell us through phone calls, pictures and letters. Most flattering of all, they travel with us again and tell their friends about us. Many of them would love to share their experiences with you. If you would like to chat with someone who has participated in one of our adventures, please give us a call and we'll provide you with a list of references.


Can you describe a typical adventure?

BikeHike trips are carefully designed to capture the very best of each particular destination. We travel at a comfortable pace and take time to stop and interact with locals along the way. We stay in charming well-located hotels or spectacular camping sites during our guided tours.

Can you describe a typical day on a trip?

Imagine this... you wake at the crack of dawn and fuel up with a wholesome hearty breakfast. Overhead in the canopy you hear an unfamiliar sound, a group of howler monkeys traversing through the trees in search of their morning fare. The adventure begins by biking on dirt roads which take us through lush jungle and small villages. For our lunch stop, we meet up with our support vehicle for a delicious spread of nourishing food. We leave our bikes behind, lace up our boots and set off on foot through the mountains. The views are spectacular and there is not a soul in sight. The walk is a short one, just to the river's edge, where we put our rafts in and cast off for a run down the river. We take out on the shores of the river and sleep soundly, camped beneath a sky filled with stars. This is just one scenario. Whatever the setting, whether we're biking, hiking, rafting, or riding a camel, you can expect to be exhilarated, challenged, inspired, warmly hosted and knowledgeably guided.

What can I expect from BikeHike guides?

Trip leaders are the key to a successful adventure. Seasoned, mature, responsible, experts in their fields, our guides are without equal. They live in the areas that we visit and know the countries intimately. We choose our guides for their expertise in outdoor activities, their friendly attitudes, and above all, their ability to provide the personal attention that will make your journey an unforgettable experience. Your safety and enjoyment are their primary concerns.

What kind of meals are served?

We understand that muscle-powered journeys require enormous amounts of food. We consider our meals to be an essential ingredient to the success of our trips. We guarantee that you will have plenty of fuel to stoke the fire. Our guides are excellent cooks, eager to have you sample their specialty dishes. Many meals will be enjoyed in restaurants as well, so you'll have the opportunity to savour a wide variety of local cuisine. Vegetarian meals are also accommodated.

Does the group spend time together in the evening?

The majority of meals are included in BikeHike Adventures’ itineraries, and the included meals are in a group setting. At these meals, the group will be eating together at a small restaurant or in a family home (as detailed in itinerary), leading to a family like atmosphere during meals. Your BikeHike guide will also be with you during these scheduled meals. During the mealtimes that are not included in the itinerary, you are free to choose where you would like to dine. Your guide will let you know the best places to dine for these meals. You can choose to join with others and decide to dine together somewhere or, if you desire some independent time, you are also always welcome to do your own thing. 

What kind of accomodation do you typically use?

Our days of adventure are exciting and exhilarating, but we believe our nights are equally memorable. To ensure your restful slumber, we've chosen comfortable locations that range from small family-run guesthouses, mountain-top lodges, and hosterias known for their characteristic warmth and hospitality.

What about supplies and equipment?

Each trip is unique. Consult individual trip itineraries for an exact breakdown of what is and isn't included. Generally included on all trips are the following: all accommodation on a twin shared basis, most meals, all equipment, mountain bikes, camping gear, kayaks, rafts, internal transportation, veteran guides and airport transfers.

What kind of trip support vehicles are provided?

Most of our adventures are supported by a back-up vehicle that shadows the group. The support vehicle carryies the nuts and bolts to ensure a hassle-free vacation. Weary cyclists and hikers are also encouraged to catch a ride, even if it's just up to the top of a steep hill. Note that trips designated as challenging and strenuous may have sections that are not supported by a vehicle. Please see the specific trip notes for details.

How fit do I need to be to join a trip?

We understand that people come in many fitness levels, so we've graded our trips accordingly. There are four difficulty levels: Easy, Moderate, Challenging, and Strenuous. Basically, there is something to suit the needs of all adventurers.

Can I extend the trip?

We make it easy to arrange early arrivals and extended visits. If you are looking for suggestions, we are just a phone call away with a world of exciting ideas.

Can I customize a trip?

We are happy to tailor an itinerary to match your unique specifications. Common custom trips include honeymoons, anniversaries, families, groups of friends, and school/class trips. We require a minimum of two people to customize an itinerary. We will help you build it from the ground up at an affordable price. To help stimulate your creative juices, give us a call and one of our travel experts will be happy to assist you in piecing together your personalized adventure.

Do trips include airfare?

The cost of our trips does not include international airfare. However, we are happy to assist you in booking flights to join with each tour. The prices vary depending on the season and the point of departure.

Will I need to get a vaccination?

Since we are not medical doctors, we are not qualified to give medical advice regarding vaccinations necessary for specific destinations. We suggest that you visit The Center for Disease Control, which has current information highlighting all required inoculations worldwide.

How do I choose the right trip?

Each BikeHike trip is graded by difficulty, culture, and accommodation style. To understand more about these indicators, please see the Choosing the Right Trip section of our website.


Can we travel with children?

Although most of our trips are created with adults in mind, many of our itineraries are suitable for strong and active teenagers. We also offer family adventures designed for families with children as young as six.

May I join a trip solo? How does solo accommodation work?

Many of our travellers (both men and women) join as singles. On average, BikeHike groups are 75% single travellers and 25% couples. Unlike many adventure travel companies, we don't charge single supplement fees to solo travellers. Instead, we pair you with another traveller of the same gender. If we can't find you a roommate, you get your own room at no additional charge. A single private room supplement fee is only required if you specifically request a confirmed private room for the duration of the trip. 

What if I have special dietary requirements?

We will do our best to accommodate special dietary requests (e.g. vegetarian, gluten free, etc.), but ask that you please discuss your request with us when signing up for a trip.