Blog Updates & Stories

Blog Updates & Stories

10 Reasons To Add North Macedonia To Your Travel Bucket List

Is Macedonia Worth Visiting? This hidden gem of the Balkans is absolutely worth visiting. North Macedonia has something special to offer everyone, from adventure travelers looking for outdoor adventure and cultural exploration, to those looking to soak up the region's rich history and culture. 

Avoiding Overtourism: How We Can Make a Difference

As we all pack our bags again to catch up on lost time during the pandemic, a hot topic once again is the problem of over-tourism. When it comes to vacation destinations, most people are only concerned with the primary attraction.  But what about the impacts on the destinations?

Farm To Table Travel Experiences To Fuel Your Inner Foodie

Farm-to-table, also known as the "Slow Food" movement, is a travel trend that has started to pick up a lot of interest in recent years.

Is Costa Rica Safe To Visit?

Here at BikeHike, Costa Rica is where it all started for us, and it's one of our favorite countries to visit. But is it safe to visit?

7 Adventure Travel Trends To Watch In 2023

Adventure travel is all about pushing boundaries, stepping outside of your comfort zone, and immersing yourself in new and exciting experiences.  The travel industry is constantly evolving, with adventure travel being no exception. 

Hiking Gear Essentials List: What To Bring On A Day Hike

Hiking is one of our favorite ways to get outdoors and enjoy nature. But before you hit the trail, it's important to ensure you have all the essential hiking gear at the ready.

Ten Reasons To Add Morocco To Your Travel Bucket List

10 Reasons To Visit Morocco: Morocco offers an adventure filled with varying landscapes, from deserts and snow-capped mountains to sandy beaches and cities bursting with cultural experiences. 

10 Reasons to Visit Slovenia: Europe's Hidden Gem

For those looking for the new and undiscovered, Slovenia is a hidden gem full of adventure and breathtaking natural beauty. 

10 Reasons To Add Costa Rica To Your Travel Bucket List

Located in Central America, Costa Rica has plenty to offer in the way of adventure, natural beauty, and wildlife.  The country boasts a varied landscape of white sand beaches, active volcanoes, cloud forests, pristine white water rivers, natural hot springs, mangrove forests, and lush rainforest packed with unique flora and fauna. 

Finding Your Feet: How Far Can You Hike in a Day?

A question so many travelers ask us before booking a hiking trip.