The Packing Expert’s Guide to Packing for an Adventure Travel Tour

Packer extraordinaire, Trish Sare (Owner of BikeHike Adventures) is always on the go and knows the art of packing efficiently. In fact, she has refined the art of packing effectively for an international trip down to a very precise science.

The guide reviews are in: What you love most about our guides

We love our guides. So, we’re thrilled to hear that you do too! Here are a few guide review highlights from our notebook at the office. We love hearing from our travellers, and this post is a mere sampling of the great reviews we’ve been hearing from you lately. We just couldn’t keep these to ourselves!

How to Pack for an Adventure Travel Trip video

We've recorded a new travel packing tips video for you! 

A Foodie Guide to Peru

Reflecting Peru’s mixed history and its fusion of cultures, Peru’s cuisine is equally eclectic. Peruvian cuisine’s influences include local ingredients as well as recipes from Europe, Asia and West Africa. Some would say that Peru sets the standard for world class fusion cuisine.     

From Our Journal: Hiking Torres del Paine National Park

If you decide to complete one of the world’s most impressive trekking routes, the W Trek in Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park, you may want to have a rough idea of what is ahead.

Cycling Cuba: The Terrain, Bikes, Roads — What to Expect

What are the roads like in Cuba? Are the roads good in Cuba? Is there much traffic in Cuba? What can a rider expect for the cycling terrain in Cuba? Is Cuba hilly? Are there many cycling climbs or is Cuba mostly flat?

Your Vietnam Travel FAQs — Questions and Answers

YOUR TOP VIETNAM TRAVEL FAQS Watch/listen to our recently recorded Vietnam FAQ video on Youtube here. How has Vietnam travel changed over the years?

Vietnam with BikeHike Adventures -- Your Questions Answered (webinar video)

We've recorded the top Vietnam FAQs in a webinar video for you. 

WOWed by Bolivia

Last October, I joined Jorgen (our star Ecuador and Galapagos guide), in leading a fairly epic inaugural Bolivia trip. I was so impressed with Bolivia that I've been talking about Bolivia non-stop ever since returning home!

Vietnam adventure tour -- Highlight Reel video

We've compiled the a highlight reel video for you of our Vietnam tour.