Travel Tips

Tips for Combatting Jetlag

So you're packed and ready to head off on an exciting adventure... Get your trip started on the right footing and arrive ready for adventure with these tips: If you land during daylight, go for a short run or a brisk walk. Take it easy your first few days and eat light.

4 Reasons Why Patagonia is a Must See

Breaking away from the common aspiration to travel in a warm and tropical destination can be difficult – but Patagonia makes it EASY. A mixture of immense natural beauty, rich wildlife and satisfying activities makes Patagonia a must for active travellers.

Avoiding Over-tourism

As many of you know, here at BikeHike, we have always prided ourselves in getting you to emerging destinations, keeping you ahead of, or away from, the mass tourism curve, to connect you to destinations as purely as possible.

The Packing Expert’s Guide to Packing for an Adventure Travel Tour

Packer extraordinaire, Trish Sare (Owner of BikeHike Adventures) is always on the go and knows the art of packing efficiently. In fact, she has refined the art of packing effectively for an international trip down to a very precise science.

Adventure Travel Packing Tips


The Limitations of TripAdvisor and Guidebooks

You are planning a trip to a new destination. The flight is booked. Now you are really getting excited. Because it is so new to you that you know nothing about it other than that you can’t wait to go there and experience all that it has to offer.

What is Experiential Travel

It seems that these days you can’t read an article about travel trends without coming across the terms authentic and local experiential or immersion travel. Everything about travel right now is about experiences, which is baffling. What’s baffling is that it comes as news that travel is about experiences.

Gadgets and iPhone Apps for Active Travel

Here’s a list of great current gadgets and apps to help you embrace the moment wherever you find yourself biking, hiking or whatever else you get up to doing on your active holidays. GADGETS

Six Essential Elements of the Perfect Adventure Vacation

What are you looking for in an adventure vacation?