Blog Updates & Stories

Blog Updates & Stories

5 Ways to Experience Dubrovnik Like a Local

Next time you’re in Dubrovnik Croatia, here are a few ways you can get off the tourist trail to authentically meet more of the locals. After all, what better way to get to know a location than as a local? Here are our 5 top tips for an authentic Dubrovnik experience.

The guide reviews are in: What you love most about our guides

We love our guides. So, we’re thrilled to hear that you do too! Here are a few guide review highlights from our notebook at the office. We love hearing from our travellers, and this post is a mere sampling of the great reviews we’ve been hearing from you lately. We just couldn’t keep these to ourselves! PERU

Your Vietnam Travel FAQs: Questions and Answers

YOUR TOP VIETNAM TRAVEL FAQS and expert tips from us at BikeHike. Watch/listen to our recently recorded Vietnam FAQ video on Youtube for more information.

WOWed by Bolivia Adventure Trip

Last October, I joined Jorgen (our star Ecuador and Galapagos guide), in leading a fairly epic inaugural Bolivia trip. I was so impressed with Bolivia that I've been talking about Bolivia non-stop ever since returning home!

A Reflection of the Galápagos Multi-Sport by Lisa Lauchlan

The Galápagos Multi-sport is one of BikeHike’s most popular adventure tours. As a result, eager potential travellers regularly ask us, “What is this tour like? Why is it so special!?”

40 of the Best Adventure Quotes of All-Time

“A man on foot, on horseback or on a bicycle will see more, feel more, enjoy more in one mile than the motorized tourists can in a hundred miles.” ~ Edward Abbey “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” ~ Susan Sontag

Trekking the High Atlas Mountains

Trekking the High Atlas Mountains with the Ait Atta Nomads of Morocco Rogue travelers receive the rare opportunity to trek alongside a semi-nomadic family through the heart of Morocco. Twice a year the Ait Atta tribe migrates in search of pastures for their vast flock of animals.

Machu Picchu Before Excavation

In alignment with my previous post about noteworthy adventurers, I want to continue that theme by talking about Hiram Bingham and his famous Peru adventure: The discovery of Machu Picchu.

Eleven Best Global Adventure Travel Magazines

A great feature of the traveling life is how continuously things change. Returning to a faraway city you had visited long ago often reveals a new experience. A great way to keep up with this ever-changing planet is to open a magazine. But which one is for you?