Machu Picchu Before Excavation

In alignment with my previous post about noteworthy adventurers, I want to continue that theme by talking about Hiram Bingham and his famous Peru adventure: The discovery of Machu Picchu.

Who Can Take a Multisport Adventure?

For some, the concept of adventure travel can seem daunting. Multisport tours in particular, as exciting as they are, leave some people asking, “Can I actually do this?” Fortunately, the answer is a resounding “YES!”

7 Reasons Zip-Lining Will Put A Smile On Your Face

Standing on a platform high above the forest floor, you’re told to lean back, let go and follow gravity towards your destination. Sounds crazy? Sounds like zip-lining!

Kayaking 101 – A Crash Course for Beginning Kayakers

Kayaking adventures wear many hats. You can glide down calm lakes, plow through rapids, fight saltwater waves, or adventure far-off destinations that are otherwise inaccessible. It is whatever you make it.

What NOT To Pack For Adventure Travel

We are so lucky to meet such a diverse mix of clients here at BikeHike Adventures. You really get to know people when you travel with them. This makes it all the more painful when clients disregard our in-depth travel itineraries and wind up packing bulky items that make their lives more difficult.

Eleven Best Global Adventure Travel Magazines

A great feature of the traveling life is how continuously things change. Returning to a faraway city you had visited long ago often reveals a new experience. A great way to keep up with this ever-changing planet is to open a magazine. But which one is for you? The following are eleven of the best global adventure travel magazines:

Picking Out the Perfect Hiking Boots

We went down to Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) in Vancouver last week to film an interview with their shoe expert Paul Dywelska about how to pick out the perfect pair of hiking boots for your upcoming adventure.

Tips to Avoid the Crowds in Zion National Park

I was fortunate enough to visit Zion National Park in Utah for 4 days of hiking at the beginning of April.