A Reflection of the Galápagos Multi-Sport by Lisa Lauchlan

A Reflection of the Galápagos Multi-Sport by Lisa Lauchlan

The Galápagos Multi-sport is one of BikeHike’s most popular adventure tours. As a result, eager potential travellers regularly ask us, “What is this tour like? Why is it so special!?”

We go on to explain that it is the definitive Galápagos experience, travelling by land and exploring island nooks by bike, kayak, snorkel, and foot. But sometimes it’s better to let the traveller tell the story.

Returning from the Galápagos Multi-sport in March of 2013, Lisa Lauchlan wrote a letter to her group and was kind enough to let us share it with you! She does a splendid job of painting a vivid picture of what to expect.

Greetings team Galápagos!

I came home to rain and grey skies in Vancouver and could not help but wish I could be back in the Galápagos complaining ever so slightly about the heat.

I am usually a pretty good story teller, but as hard as I try, I can’t seem to fully convey how wonderful that trip was to friends and family.

Certainly words pale in comparison to actually witnessing the cacophony at the fish market…how can one describe that action packed show? Fish gutters working away, hardly noticing the young hopeful sea lions at their feet like dogs and the row of pelicans behind them – even the odd daring marine iguana risking getting trampled for a fish morsel…it really has to be seen to be believed.

How can I properly describe the elation and joy I felt when playing tag with a young sea lion while snorkeling.

Making eye contact, seeing facial expressions that could only mean delight (even if it does mean anthropomorphorising a little). It seems all of the Galápagos wildlife is unjaded by man and our historic foibles.

I will admit to having a momentary shock at the early wake up calls and the active pace of the agenda set for us. This will lead to another admission of my being rather spoiled in my travels over the past decade. I believe I had somehow slipped into the generic elitist tourist coma.

I will also admit that this is the first vacation in a long time that has not led me to come home and reach for the extra stretchy pants at the back of the wardrobe. I liked the fact that it was a team effort to challenge ourselves.

It was a pleasure getting to know you all and I truly enjoyed the one-on-one conversations we managed to eek out in our busy ten days.
~ Lisa Lauchlan