Last Minute Adventure Travel | Pros and Cons

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Last Minute Adventure Travel | Pros and Cons


Many of us spend most of the year on someone else’s watch. Between work, family, school, and respective commitments, our freedom is at least partially compromised. Setting aside much needed vacation time is our way of taking back some of that freedom. But what’s the best way of booking that trip?

Adventure travel vacations can either be booked on a “last-minute” basis or well in advance. To help you decide if last minute adventure travel is right for you, let's take a look at some of the pros and cons.

Pros Of A Last Minute Booking:


If travel is a method of recapturing freedom, what better way to experience it than spontaneously?! Leaving at the drop of a hat increases the excitement of adventure, invigorates the soul, and soothes the psyche.

Minimal Expectations:

A fundamental issue that goes along with any highly anticipated trip are the impossibly high self appointed expectations that accompany them. Booking a last minute trip helps to relieve your mind of the added burden of excessive expectations and lets you live in the moment.

Not Your Typical Journey

Since last minute trips are less flexible than advanced bookings, they can result in a vacation destination you wouldn’t ordinarily choose. This can be a good thing! Think about it, doesn’t that sandwich always taste better when someone else made it for you their way?

Cons Of Last Minute Travel:

Less Flexible:

A lack of flexibility isn’t for everyone. For people who receive minimal vacation time, advanced bookings offer increased customization, less compromising and peace of mind.

Risky For Important Trips:

Some active holidays simply require more prior planning than others. If you’re planning a special trip or are travelling with numerous companions, the benefits of advanced bookings become important.

If you have weighed up the pro's and cons and feel booking a last-minute trip is the right choice for you. Check out our Last-Minute Trip Page and see if we have a trip that interests you.

Happy Travels,

Trish Sare