Our Covid Statement & Booking Policies

Our Covid Statement & Booking Policies

In the fall of 2021, we' started resuming our trips in foreign destinations. Countries in the European Union such as Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, and North Macedonia are now open for international travellers who are fully vaccinated.  Countries in Central and South America have also opened up for international tourism including Ecuador, Peru, Costa Rica and Guatemala. We're excited to explore these with you.

So much change means so many questions about aspects of travel that once seemed obvious. Our Travel FAQs will answer your common questions. Call us with any more questions you may have or about your upcoming travel plans. We're here to help.

Hotels are booking quickly and many are already full in 2022! Look ahead and book ahead. We've got your back as we all get back to safely exploring this incredible planet together. Here's to the good times to come!

Consumer Protection BC: Your Payments are Protected in our Trust Accounts 

In British Columbia, the tourism industry is highly regulated and policed. Tour operators are mandated under Consumer Protection BC to hold trust accounts with travellers' trip payments in our accounts until we have to send payments to hotels and suppliers overseas. We cannot recognize income on the trips until they are completed.  These regulatory bodies are crucially important in today's climate to ensure that tour operators are not spending consumer payments for the company's day to day expenses before sending payments to suppliers. 

We Highly Recommend Travelling in Your Own Personal Travel Bubble with Private and Custom Trips

For years we've been curating customized tours for our travellers, but now more than ever we encourage travel in small groups of your own travel bubble. Any of the trip itineraries on our website can be customized for your personal group. We can use our standard trip itinerary as a base and can tweak it to fit your needs like a glove, making it shorter, longer, upgrading the accommodation, including e-bikes, etc. Or we can design something entirely different for you, in any one of our destinations. Just let us know your preference, and we'll do our best to make it happen for you.

Small-Group Departures

If you are a solo traveller and cannot find friends or family to join you on a custom departure you can still join our set departures. Our group sizes have always been small on our set departures, our average group size is 6 people. Our minimum is generally 2 and our maximum 12.

Travel Insurance During Covid

All BikeHike Adventures travellers are required to show proof of medical insurance in order to participate on our tours. Cancellation Insurance that covers COVID-19 related cancellations and medical issues is also VERY STRONGLY recommended.  In this ever-changing world of COVID-19 where national, international and local regulations are unpredictable, this cancellation insurance helps protect both you and us. Cancellation travel insurance has never been more important than it is now in this world of uncertainties. Over the years we've always tried to recover as much money as possible for any of our travellers who have had to cancel their trips but chose not to purchase cancellation insurance. This is always very challenging for us when all the services have been paid for far in advance, thus that is why we strongly recommend cancellation insurance. It will help avoid any disappointment.

Refer to this page for information on a comprehensive insurance plan (medical and cancellation coverage) that we recommend for our travellers.

For more information be sure to have a read of our International Travel During Covid Blog for a list of resources to keep up to date on restrictions and requirements.

We truly thank you for your ongoing trust and support.

From the BikeHike family to yours, stay healthy and well.
Trish Sare
Founder & Director 
BikeHike Adventures Inc. 

And here's a reminder of where in the world it all began for us, where our spirit of adventure began. This video always makes us smile and reminds us why we do what we do, just as it reminds us why we'll steer through this Coronavirus situation. In the end, nothing can ever infect, or take away, our spirit of adventure.