Answers to your FAQ's about Travel during COVID-19

Answers to your FAQ's about Travel during COVID-19

Answers to your FAQ's about Travel during COVID-19

With more and more people being vaccinated, here at BikeHike we have been steadily receiving requests from travellers looking to book adventures for 2022 and 2023. With these requests, there have been lots of questions about the logistics of travel and what the process of booking a trip involves. Below are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we have been receiving, that will hopefully help guide you through the trip planning process. It’s time to turn all those travel dreams you had in the last year into reality.

1) Are we currently operating trips? If so, where?
Yes, we have resumed operating international trips in select destinations. The trips that are available depend on the entry requirements of each country, as well as the recommendations from the CDC and WHO. As the situation is very fluid we’ll continue monitoring and will make any adjustments or updates regularly. 

2) I’m vaccinated now. Where can I go?
Below is an updated list of the countries that we operate in that are currently open. Some have no restrictions, while others still require a negative PCR test less than 72 hours before departure OR proof of vaccination. We will update this list as more destinations open.

Central America
Costa Rica

North Macedonia

South America
Galapagos Islands




When making the decision to travel, make sure you have researched all requirements for the country you are travelling to, as well as what the entry requirements are upon returning to your home country. Is quarantine or a vaccination mandatory, is COVID testing required?  Another important element to keep in mind when booking flights is if you are transiting through another country, what requirements do they have, if any, that could affect your travel plans. It would be heartbreaking to finally be heading off on a trip only to be turned back at the airport because you didn’t comply with all the requirements.

3) What is the current situation worldwide in relation to the pandemic?
Some great resource tools for the most up-to-date information on global border restrictions and entry requirements are the IATA website and the Sherpa website. Click on the links provided to learn more.

4) Will proof of the COVID-19 vaccination be required for future travel with BikeHike Adventures?
No, we don't require to see proof of vaccination in order to book a trip with us

Travel insurance is mandatory, however. We strongly recommend purchasing a comprehensive insurance plan that includes cancellation and trip interruption insurance, as well  as medical coverage.

5) What happens if I get COVID-19 during my trip?
If any BikeHike traveller tests positive for COVID-19 while on one of our tours, they will be required to leave their trip immediately for a minimum of 5 days. After the 5-day period travellers can re-join the trip if they can show proof of a negative COVID-19 test. The testing process must be taken under BikeHike supervision.

Note: Any such removal will be at the cost of the individual traveller. Based on this financial loss to the traveller, we require both Travel Cancellation and Medical Insurance to help protect your investment from any unforeseen circumstances

6) Is a deposit required at time of booking? If so, how much is the deposit and is it refundable?  
For all new sign-ups for 2022 departures, we require a $500 US deposit per person and final payment is due 75 days prior to departure. 

As this situation remains fluid, we may further amend our policies going forward.

7) What happens if we book a trip now but then the borders close again and we can’t go?
We are closely monitoring all of our 2022 departures and will make decisions on a rolling basis, country by country, approximately 3 months prior to each departure. We will only operate trips where a risk assessment has been undertaken, and where we are comfortable that all aspects of the trip comply with World Safe Travel guidelines, as well as any entry requirements and local restrictions for each individual destination.

8) Do I need travel insurance that covers COVID-19?
Yes. For all of our trips, we require travellers to have travel medical insurance, as well as a policy that has some COVID-19 coverage. We like Redpoint Travel Protection for our US based travellers. They offer a variety of travel protection plans. Here is a link to their frequently asked questions in reference to COVID-19 coverage.

9) Is it possible to travel in my own travel bubble?
Absolutely! You can have your own private trip with as little as 2 people for most of our destinations. There are many advantages to booking your own tour. You can move at your own pace, pick your own dates, choose who you get to hang out with and most importantly, you can take the trip you want, the way you want it. Let us know your needs and we’ll help design your dream adventure.

Don’t see your travel questions answered? Contact us with any questions or concerns you have at 1-888-805-0061 or We’ve been working hard, preparing for the new realities of travel so that we can get you back out into the world in a safe and healthy manner. When you are ready to adventure the world, we are here for you.

Safe Travels,