Is Traveling To Cuba safe?

graffiti on walls in Cuba

Is Traveling To Cuba safe?

Many of you are asking, is it still safe to travel to Cuba? And the answer of course is YES.


In fact, we had one our Vancouver management team IN CUBA last week, checking out the situation on the ground there first hand.

What she reports from the ground is ALL GOOD NEWS.

She just got back yesterday after 8 days in Cuba, in fact, and reports that Cuba is doing well after the hurricane and the people quickly returned to WELCOMING TRAVELLERS WITH OPEN ARMS. The reports on the media are out of proportion to what is actually happening on the ground in Cuba. Cuba will be okay. 

Cubans are strong people. And the storm did not devastate them.

They all told us that this wasn’t their first storm. They’re ready and used to dealing with storms. They’re okay. They’ll always be okay.

And the main areas affected were actually the all-inclusive style resorts, places our trips do not stay or visit. Our hotels and routes are all okay.

There was flooding along the Malecon (seawall in Havana) but this is long gone, despite media still showing old and misleading footage from many days ago when the storm occurred. We were on the ground and saw how it looked and the Havana is okay.

*The Cuban people want you there.* Not going is actually doing them more harm as foreign travel has been a major boost to their local economy. They want and need you there to support their emerging economy.

And it is completely safe to travel there based on our management team’s experience. While there, our management met many foreign people from all countries (including US) who were happily and easily travelling around the country, from Havana and beyond all the way to the eastern edge of the island, including Holguin and Baracoa (where we hope to develop future trips). 

So, should you still consider travel to Cuba? YES. And now more than ever.

As we said, the Cuban people need and want you there. It would be a shame to see Cuba’s newly developing tourism economy harmed by misinformed news and false perceptions. The best way to help Cuba is to come here.

And as to recent travel advisories, only one country has issued this. Canadian, British and Australian governments HAVE NOT issued any travel warning to Cuba. So, that should put the advisory into some perspective. Also, all US airlines continue to fly to Cuba. 

In our opinion, based on our team’s presence in Cuba, Cuba is as safe – for any nationality – as it has always been. Nothing has changed. We haven’t witnessed anything while on the ground in Cuba to indicate anything otherwise. And we think this first hand information from our management and the local team is far more valuable than the news.

Even though our company is Canadian, our trip does still currently allow you to travel as a US citizen within the allowable categories.

There is no reason to be worried about Cuban travel. Flights from the US are as easy as they’ve been for months, and our management personally flew through the US to check this out last week and earlier this week. Cuba was just on the verge of better economic times before the hurricane and recent news announcements.

Your travel supports the local people in a huge way by contributing to the local economy.