Coronavirus: Our Approach To Travel

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Coronavirus: Our Approach To Travel

Coronavirus. Our Thoughts & Our Optimism. 

The Coronavirus. It’s on your mind, and it’s on ours.  The world we face today is a very different one than it was even one month ago. 

In the last weeks, we have been answering your questions and we will continue to do so. We appreciate your questions or concerns and we really are in this together. We will never lose sight of our belief in the importance of staying connected. We are actively monitoring each destination and assessing each of our tours for you, with the help of our local teams. Your safety, well-being and travel comfort is of utmost importance to us. So, we continue to stay on top of this situation as best we can, day by day. While some destinations and travel has been impacted, we can also tell you that so far, some of our trips have been able to continue to run successfully. We also have tours on the ground in destinations as I type this. Having said that, the situation varies from destination to destination and is very fluid. We continue to monitor it all, case by case.

Something that has been helpful for us as well has been keeping informed beyond the media. There is a great deal of misinformation circulating. We have found the World Health Organization (WHO) to be the most reliable and holistic provider of stats and information for understanding this evolving situation. The CDC also provides a great deal of information for anyone travelling and includes a travel FAQs section. So, these places are where we have been directing others to stay informed as well.

To keep up to date we have tried to put together some advice, tips, and resources on travel during Covid, from insurance, to testing, to adapting to the new normal. Be sure to check it out and hopefully we can make things a little easier for anyone planning a trip in these changing times.

We believe in staying connected,

to each other and to the most reliable information...

On that note, hope was also a prominent backbone of WHO’s latest official video conference message on Monday, March 9. In it, WHO’s Director General, Dr. Tedros, spoke buoying words about success rates and the remaining potential to still contain the virus based on the large-scale successes in China and South Korea, concluding his update with words that resonate well with us here. He stated, “…these countries demonstrate that it is never too late to turn back the tide of this virus. The rule of the game is never give up….Let hope be the antidote to fear. Let solidarity be the antidote to blame. Let humanity be the antidote to our shared threat.”

During these challenging times, we do remain hopeful and optimistic. Those words resonate with us. The WHO’s head epidemiologist further stated in that update that “absolutely there is light at the end of this tunnel.” 

We don’t have answers about when that light will appear. However, we are holding onto the vision of that light. We do believe in a brighter world returning, in a matter of timeAnd we believe in staying connected, to each other and to the most reliable information, as being our antidote to this virus’s varied threats. Now more than ever is a time to stay connected, rather than letting this virus fracture and disconnect our world.

So, we are always here to chat and answer any questions we can. We are empowered with 26 years worth of wisdom, having experienced many situations over those years. While this particular situation presents some new challenges, we are using our experience, as well as our teams and connections in each destination, to help navigate it. And when asked, we will always give you our most honest assessments based on our years of experience as well as our local teams' knowledge about each of our destinations.

We are there for you and with you on this journey,
Trish Sare
Founder & Director 
BikeHike Adventures Inc. 

And here's a reminder of where it all began for us, where our spirit of adventure began. This video always makes us smile, and reminds us why we do what we do, just as it reminds us why we'll steer through this Coronavirus situation. In the end, nothing can ever infect, or take away, our spirit of adventure.