Trish Sare - About Me

Trish Sare - About Me

Welcome! I'm Trish Sare. Founder of BikeHike, an adventure travel company with over 30 years in business customizing tours, trips, and adventures.

I invite you to share in BikeHike's spirit of adventure and worldwide discovery. We create tours to help you actively explore by bike, foot, kayak and more -- to immerse you in a destination. 

Years ago, while living in Costa Rica, I discovered that I had a passion for building life-enhancing adventures for other people. It is where I started this dream, this adventure, of connecting the world through active travel. 

I started BikeHike with the Coast to Coast Costa Rica adventure. You navigate by your own muscle power; you feel the land under your feet. You truly connect with the destination and with other travellers. You’re immersed. 30 years later, this ethos remains at the core of everything we do at BikeHike.

We created this video about BikeHike's origins in Costa Rica, highlighting my favourite Costa Rica adventure. I'm extremely proud of it as it really captures the essence of that trip, as well as our spirit here at BikeHike.

Basically, my founding mission when I created BikeHike Adventures in 1994 was to bring together like-minded active people with a passion for cultural exploration and physically rewarding travel.

Over the past 30 years, BikeHike has grown rapidly to become one of the industry's leading adventure travel companies.
I'm very proud of what we've achieved over that time, but what's most rewarding to me is that BikeHike has provided thousands of adventure travelers from around the world with experiences they will never forget - experiences that have challenged them physically and enriched their lives.

These travelers (many of them long-standing clients) have become my lifelong friends, part of my BikeHike Adventures extended global family.

I'm also always digging deeper into our destinations though, to keep evolving our trips with the core intention of keeping your experiences of any destination truly original and the memories priceless. When you trust in our expertise to deliver you extraordinary experiences, it truly means the world to us.

And we love hearing all of the fantastic stories you bring back. Actually, more than anything, hearing the stories of your experiences is why we do what we do.

If you want to stay up to date on the news here at BikeHike, I personally send out an e-newsletter each month.

Reading our newsletter, you'll be the first to learn about new trip launches, adventure travel news, special discounts and more. We often don't officially announce this information anywhere else, so this newsletter is the place to first learn about upcoming trip launches, special sales, and more.  

And if you ever have any questions, feel free to give us a call or send us an email. I'm always happy to chat!

With you in adventure,
Trish Sare,
Founder and Director, BikeHike Adventures.

Trish Sare owner of bikehike