Foodie Tourism

Love food & travel? These trips are our most popular with foodie travelers. Food tours are the perfect way to taste cuisine from all over the world, learn about the culture behind the dishes, and even meet the chefs responsible for the dishes you're eating.

Food and recipes can tell you so much about a countries history and heritage, and is a great way to have an authentic experience by doing what the locals do, and eating what the locals eat. Visit some of our top foodie destinations and see why culinary vacations are becoming more popular now than ever before.

Many of these itineraries are a combination of activities (labeled multi-sport) along with a foodie adventure theme. They may include biking and hiking along with other activities such as kayaking and rafting. If you would like trips that include only one activity type, browse our hiking or biking listings.  Or you can REFINE YOUR SEARCH by date and destination. 

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BikeHike's newest cycling adventure! You'll actively explore Italy's beautiful Puglia region by bike, in the heart of Italy's boot heel. An exciting culinary and cultural experience of Italy at its best, exploring towns off the beaten track.
  • May 18 - May 26, 2024
  • Sep 14 - Sep 22, 2024