We're thankful for your trust & support

We're thankful for your trust & support

I wanted to personally write another note to thank you for your trust in us during these confusing times. I also wanted to provide an inside view on our thoughts as we are navigating these uncertain times alongside you, day by day.

One thing that the Coronavirus has already personally taught us is just how much we personally value connection in our lives. This has become so clear, now that it has been so rapidly stripped away from the fabric of our daily lives. We are de-socializing our lives and the world is becoming disconnected, in ways we never could have imagined.

I do hold faith in the world opening up again though. The timeline is uncertain, but we will get there. And today’s disconnected reality serves as a reminder for us to stay true to BikeHike's mission, connecting the world through active travel. On the other side of this, when the world's health returns, connecting will be more important than ever.

As much uncertainty as we are facing today, I'm also reminded that faith in the future despite uncertainty brought us (BikeHike) to where we are today, connecting with the world, and ultimately to you. I bring this up because it is what is still propelling BikeHike forward through today’s challenges. Those who have been following us for a while already know this story, that BikeHike really began after life as I knew it ended -- the day my mother passed away. She was only 46. I was 17. BikeHike was not born that exact day, but her final wish for me was that I get out and connect with the world, as she hadn’t ever had the chance to do so. Losing her shattered me. And, truthfully, for a while I felt lost, but her wish eventually inspired me to dig within to find the courage to take a leap of faith into the unknown. I was scared, but the vision to do something more and build a life connected into the world was stronger than any of those fears. Life and our experiences are both precious and fleeting, not to be taken for granted. It’s the reason why I eventually built BikeHike a decade later, and it’s why even when facing today's uncertainties, I’m still nowhere near ready to give up on connecting as many of you as possible to the world through our trips. This mission is what gets me out of bed every single day, even during these challenging times.

We are doing everything we can to stay strong and there for you. Something we have all been hearing a lot about lately is how businesses have evolved to support themselves through these difficult times, when no longer able to operate “business as usual.” Restaurants have been transforming to offer take-out-only menus while coffee shops have begun offering delivery and so forth. Gift certificates have also become popular as a way to show one’s favourite businesses some love, even when the actual “shopping” must be done later. Many of you have reached out to us saying that you wish you could do something like this to show support for us. We have been so humbled and grateful for your many kind words of support.

We have been humbled and grateful

for your many kind words of support

Along those lines, we've created a Future Travel Deposit program. For a limited time, we are offering Gift Certificate Trip Deposits with a bonus $100USD credit added as a thank you for your trust and support. Basically, when you purchase a Gift Certificate Trip Deposit for $500USD (our standard new booking deposit amount), we will credit your account an additional $100USD. So, you’ll have a total of $600USD credited to your account for future use to book any new trip. You can use them yourself or gift them to others. You don't need to pick any trip or travel dates yet. It’s a completely flexible credit that you have up to two years to use! You can also purchase more than one per person (for yourself or to later gift) and we’ll hold them on your file for you. If interested, just email to express interest in a Gift Certificate and we'll organize it for you.

This program supports us and keeps travel alive in all of our hearts.

While we have an expansive reach with our tours, I have maintained an intentionally small core team here at BikeHike. We decidedly operate as a small business in many ways. That way, we’ve always been able to stay more connected to you, our valued travellers and friends. And that also means that we personally and very directly feel every bit of your support and it is all very deeply appreciated. 

Our partners on the ground in our destinations will also be thankful for your support. It has been heartbreaking to witness the number of businesses that have seen impacted in our destinations, especially in the many small communities, where delicate local economies have been built around these tours. On our trips, we engage with small businesses and establishments with the focus of keeping the money within these communities. One cancelled trip has many ripple affects along the supply chain within these local communities. All of these individuals and small businesses with whom we connect you on our trips will be so grateful to hear about your support and faith in future visits.

At the end of the day, there’s value for all of us in having something to which we can look forward...

So that's an update on our current mindset over here. As always, I hope you’ve found some inspiration here in my update, and we all truly thank you for your ongoing trust and support.

From the BikeHike family to yours, stay healthy and well.
Trish Sare
Founder & Director 
BikeHike Adventures Inc. 

And here's a reminder of where in the world it all began for us, where our spirit of adventure began. This video always makes us smile, and reminds us why we do what we do, just as it reminds us why we'll steer through this Coronavirus situation. In the end, nothing can ever infect, or take away, our spirit of adventure.