A Guatemala adventure vacation allows you to entre the Mayan heartland of Central America. Guatemala is often called the land of eternal spring. Its 37 volcanoes are the highest and most active in Central America. Huge volcanic lakes, winding tropical rivers, miles of pristine jungle and thousands of indigenous species of flora and fauna embody the captivating terrain. The streets are alive with the Mayan Indians dressed in blazing colors and bustling markets. The architecture is colonial with columned courtyards and elegant stucco facades. Historically it has more Mayan ruins than Mexico, the most famous of these being Tikal - the largest of the Mayan cities. All of these ingredients make for a fascinating cultural playground for a Guatemala adventure tour.

Official Name: Republic of Guatemala
Population: 14.3 million
Capital City: Guatemala City
Languages: Spanish (official) and Amerindian languages
Currency: The Quetzal and the US dollar
Time: GMT minus 6 hours
Electricity: 115V to 125V, 60Hz
Major Industries: Coffee, sugar, bananas, petroleum and cardamom

Below is a list of BikeHike's Guatemala adventure tours. 

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Embrace Maya culture on this multi-sport adventure through Guatemala’s colonial towns, golden highlands, volcanic lakes and ancient ruins. (Biking, Hiking and Kayaking)
  • Jun 08 - Jun 16, 2024
  • Oct 26 - Nov 03, 2024
  • Dec 07 - Dec 15, 2024
  • Jan 04 - Jan 12, 2025
  • Mar 01 - Mar 09, 2025