About Us


I'm Trish Sare, Founder and Director of BikeHike Adventures. I invite you to share in BikeHike's spirit of adventure and worldwide discovery.

I founded BikeHike Adventures in 1994 to bring together like-minded active people with a passion for cultural exploration and physically rewarding travel. Over the past 22 years, BikeHike has grown rapidly to become one of the industry's leading adventure travel companies. I'm very proud of what we've achieved over that time, but what's most rewarding to me is that BikeHike has provided thousands of adventure travellers from around the world with experiences they will never forget - experiences that have challenged them physically and enriched their lives. These travellers (many of them long-standing clients) have become my lifelong friends, part of my BikeHike Adventures extended global family.

One of the leading adventure travel companies, BikeHike Adventures has a vision to provide inspiring active international adventure itineraries that help travellers live active, fun and culturally aware lives. At BikeHike Adventures, the adventure tours place a very strong emphasis on culture. In fact, in many cases, BikeHike travellers feel immersed in the local culture.  The itineraries of nearly every trip have been crafted with care to ensure the most authentic and memorable encounters with the local people. The hope is that through these cultural experiences, you will learn about yourself and challenge the way you think about the world, seeing the world and its diverse peoples from a refreshed perspective. We like to think that BikeHike's adventures provide the perfect blend of physical activity and cultural awareness. 

BikeHike specializes in small group multi activity holidays in South and Central America, Europe, Oceania, Asia and Africa. Every trip itinerary is unique and combines a range of activities from mountain biking, hiking and whitewater rafting to horseback riding, sea kayaking and rock climbing. Most of BikeHike's adventure holidays can also be customized with as little as two travellers. 

Associations and Memberships

BikeHike is a proud member of the Adventure Travel Trade Association (helping adventure travel companies worldwide), Sustainable Travel International, The International Ecotourism Society and Consumer Protection Authority of British Columbia (BPCPA). The BPCPA promotes a fair marketplace for consumers and businesses. BikeHike has been also been validated as a legitimate supplier in the travel and tourism industry and authorized for the .travel top level domain.