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For the culture-hungry traveller, India boasts one of the most in-your-face experiences the world has to offer. More than simply being a great destination for adventure travel, India's overwhelming diversity stimulates all of the senses. It is difficult to imagine a country more bamboozling than India. Marked by a legacy of medieval fortresses rising out of golden deserts, it is an exotic place of vibrant colours - ruby reds and bold yellows in the tribal clothing, soft pink hues in the princely palaces, and earthy browns in the Indian desert. Traditional culture is one of India’s enchantments, and it is prominent everywhere. On an adventure vacation in India, you'll have...

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Royal Rajasthan From Delhi to Rishikesh

Become immersed in India on this transformative multi-sport adventure to colourful and awe-inspiring cities, mountains, jungles and monuments. This 11-day adventure tour through India is bursting with culture and a diverse set of activities.
Biking, Hiking, Whitewater Rafting, Elephant Riding & Yoga
11 days
$3,599 USD
Multisport Tours, Biking Tours & Hiking Tours
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