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Surrounded by alpine ridge mountains, cascading waterfalls and jagged towering cliffs, Belize adventure tours showcase a rich natural wonderland that was once the heart of the Maya Civilization. This tiny Central American nation stretches just 165 miles and boasts the largest barrier reef in the northern hemisphere. Belize adventure trips aren't just for water sports enthusiasts; Belize has the largest undisturbed area of rainforest in all of Central America. It is a lush paradise that is home to howler monkeys, jaguars and pumas and hundreds of species of birds and mammals. Belize is amazingly rich in culture and has over 600 Mayan ruins, many of which are only now being excavated...

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Belize adventure vacation

The Belize Blast!

Belize & Central America
On this Belize adventure vacation, you'll explore caves, rappel into a 300 ft sinkhole, relax on the beach in Placencia and have the option to add snorkelling and a visit to ancient Maya ruins.
Kayaking, Caving, Inner Tubing, Rappelling & Horseback Riding
9 days
$2,799 USD
Multisport Tours & Kayaking Tours
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