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Venezuela cycling trips have a distinct Caribbean flavour. Venezuela is a country of striking natural beauty. With snowcapped Andean peaks in the west, steamy Amazon jungle in the south, tabletop mountains in the east, and white sand beaches in the north, Venezuela is a country of staggering variety. It is home to Angel Falls, the world's highest uninterrupted waterfall, and Lake Maracaibo, South America's largest freshwater lake. The expansive terrain is teeming with wildlife, with over 1,250 species of birds and 250 species of mammals. Venezuela’s rich culture is owed to its Spanish, African and indigenous roots, which manifest themselves in pulsating salsa clubs and...

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Viva Venezuela!

South America & Venezuela
Explore Venezuela adventure travel by biking, hiking, rafting and horseback riding through local villages, ruins and a wildlife reserve.
Biking, Hiking, Whitewater Rafting & Horseback Riding
9 days
$2,499 USD
Multisport Tours, Biking Tours & Hiking Tours
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